Take a Deep Breath: The Benefits of Vaping Cannabis October 17 2018

You’ve probably heard the term vaping before. And that likely also means you’re aware of certain connotations that are often attached to the word. But vaping is much more than hipsters trailing clouds of sandalwood or watermelon through patios and other public places. It’s a clean, safe, and effective way to consume cannabis! In fact, once you start vaping cannabis, you may never want to go back to smoking. Even cannabis aficionados who enjoy the burn of smoking it often find vaping to be a better method of consumption. We’ll be taking a deeper look at some of the best reasons to vape cannabis.

But first, let’s answer a simple question: What is vaping? Essentially, it’s the heating of cannabis without burning it. The weed is heated in a chamber, which causes the active ingredients to be released in a vapour. Since there’s no combustion, no smoke is generated by vaping. And you all know the saying — Where there’s no smoke, there’s no fire! Or something like that.

Healthier, Happier Lungs

Speaking of going smoke-free, this is one of the best benefits of vaping cannabis. Consumers with respiratory conditions who usually have trouble with smoke often see significant relief with vaping. Only the active ingredients are released in the vapour, which eliminates the need to inhale the harmful toxins and other substances that come with burning cannabis. This means happy, healthy lungs, long-term! People who are new to the weed world will also appreciate the fact that vaping allows for shorter puffs, instead of the long, slow inhale that’s necessary when smoking.

Environmentally Friendly

The second biggest issue with smoking cannabis is the smell. Sure, some people find it enjoyable, but it’s usually considered bad manners to introduce smoke into someone else’s environment. Choosing to vape cannabis eliminates this problem altogether, as the vapour produced dissipates almost immediately, along with the odour. This also has the advantage of making it a more discreet option for consumption. In addition, many veteran vapers have reported that this method results in better taste, as opposed to smoking. It’s a win-win-win!

Faster Relief

Another fantastic benefit of vaping cannabis is that you’ll feel the effects much more quickly than smoking. Unfettered by excessive filtering, the cannabinoids are able to make a straight shot into your bloodstream via the lungs. If you’re looking for quick relief of pain or anxiety, you already know that those few extra moments can make a crucial difference!

Do More with Less

If you could use nearly half the amount of cannabis and still get the same effects, that would be fantastic, right? Well, that’s exactly what vaping does! Studies have shown that vaporizers convert about 46% of the THC available in marijuana to vapour, while smoking converts less than 26%. So not only is vaping more environmentally friendly, it’s also wallet-friendly!

Are There Any Disadvantages to Vaping Cannabis?

Like anything in life, vaping cannabis isn’t perfect. There are a couple of minor drawbacks, such as the initial cost of a vaporizer, the necessity of grinding flower material to a very fine consistency to get good results, the time needed to wait for the vaporizer to heat up (although it seems like they’re getting quicker every day), and the need for proper cleaning. However, given the many stunning benefits and eventual cost savings of vaping cannabis, it’s no small wonder that consumers everywhere are switching to vape and not looking back.

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