Cannabis-Enhanced Yoga October 10 2018

Could you imagine Vancouver without yoga? This ancient practice is so ingrained into our unique and vibrant culture that it’s nearly impossible to visualize a city without throngs of Vancouverites in super-comfortable yoga pants skipping in and out of studios, namaste-ing and downward dog-ing all the way. In fact, yoga is almost as ubiquitous as rain, which means that it can be a challenge for instructors to differentiate themselves in a saturated marketplace. In recent years, several new yoga trends have emerged, including craft beer yoga, goat yoga, and even naked yoga for those who enjoy getting out of (or into) their comfort zone. So, what’s next? With recreational cannabis legalization just around the corner, the combination of yoga and marijuana seems just as natural as autumn and pumpkin spiced everything. So it should come as no surprise that cannabis-enhanced yoga classes are the latest budding trend! Let’s explore a few of the major benefits of cannabis-based classes:

Breathe In and Relax

If there’s one thing yoga and cannabis have in common, it’s relaxation. Yes, certain forms of yoga can be a strenuous workout, but by the end of the session, you’re typically feeling centred, balanced, and most of all, relaxed. Cannabis-enhanced yoga classes can help take those blissful feelings to new levels. Marijuana has been shown to ease tension, un-knot those stubborn muscles, and provide consumers with a profound sense of calm. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, or someone who’s new to the world of child, tree, warrior, and downward dog, keeping your mind and muscles relaxed can actually help you get into and maintain the requisite yoga poses, which makes for an even more enjoyable session.

Minding Your Mindfulness

Cannabis-enhanced yoga has also been shown to promote mindfulness, and help students get into a deeper meditative state while practicing. In fact, introducing weed into yoga sessions is not a new concept. Modern cannabis-enhanced yoga is actually a reimagining of a practice that dates back thousands of years! Traditional teachers would typically consume before a session, which allowed them to more easily transition into a deeply meditative state afterward. Some modern instructors believe that this practice can also help people shed the stress, distractions, and constant cranial buzz caused by contemporary fixtures like smartphones, for example. Many students also believe that introducing marijuana into the mix lowers inhibitions, which makes for a friendlier and less judgemental learning space.

What to Expect

The character of a cannabis-enhanced yoga class will vary based on the instructor. Some tend to focus on deep meditation and stretching, while others may be a bit more of a physical challenge. However, you’ll typically begin by consuming a low dose of cannabis before starting a session. Some instructors will also encourage you to keep a vaporizer next to your yoga mat, so you can toke up as needed. Most importantly, though, pot-based yoga practices encourage inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for all, and provide a welcoming and safe space for consumers to explore their physical and mental limits.

Interested in enhancing your yoga routine with cannabis? Check out your local studios for more information!